This Girl Can Ad

I love this ad raising awareness for getting Women active in sport. It's a national campaign being pushed by Sport England. Increasing participation of Women in sport is close to my heart as I organise a National Women's road race called the Cheshire Classic. It takes place in April and attracts folk like Dame Sarah Storey and Laura Trott. Part of me wanting to organise the race was to raise awareness of Women's cycling but also to also inspire others to get on their bike, which we've been very successful in doing.

Huge credit to FCB Inferno for putting it together. I love the humbleness of the ad. I love how it concentrates on those moments we've all been in, puffed out after an effort, the grit of the teeth and sweat pouring from the face during it. It captures the raw essence of exercise beautifully. I love how it celebrates curves and wobble, nobody male or female should be ashamed of it. Get out there and get fit. You'll feel so much better.