Mitsis Ramira Beach Kos Review

The Mitsis Ramira Beach hotel is a fantastic all inclusive hotel in Kos. If you're a couple, looking for a quality hotel on a decent budget together with good food, a good range of drinks, a decent pool together with a beach, Ramira Beach is well worth checking out. It is right next to the beach (with it's own beach bar part of the all-inclusive, free sunbeds and also the opportunity to pay for a massage), it has two bars, two pools, a buffet restaurant with a huge amount of choice and a Chinese and Italian waiter service restaurant which are both excellent.

We went for a week in the last week of September which went into the beginning of October. If you are looking for some late Summer-Autumn sun, considering the Greek islands should definitely be on your list. Temperatures were 25-28 degrees C and we only had one bad day. We booked through Thomas Cook and we paid £600 each for the week which included flights.

What I will say from the outset is that if you are looking for an active holiday, be it with a range of sports, sightseeing or an active night life then you'll probably give Mitsis Ramira Beach a miss. It's definitely more for a relaxing holiday, chilling out by the pool or on the beach. There is an entertainment team and there is mini-golf, archery, volleyball, aquagym, waterpolo, tennis and football pretty much everyday for free so you won't be bored. You can also hire bikes for a couple of Euros which we did, and the ride into Kos Town is only 15 minutes. Kos Town is a typical Mediterranean harbour (if you have been to Menorca, think of it like Ciutadella), very pretty to look at however there isn't a huge amount to do or look at.

The hotel is situated next to a couple of other hotels but other than that the area is quiet, which is nice as you have the whole beach to yourselves for a long walk. For us it was exactly what we were looking for. Not having to worry about money, a couple of pools to choose from and loads of space just to relax, read, listen to music and play cards. Bliss.

Top tip: it's the old adage about the German's reserving the sunbeds however it took a couple of days for us to understand the "etiquette". Basically if a sun bed has it's back folded down (or obviously has it's towel on it) it is in use. We didn't realise this on the first couple of days, thinking it was how the sunbeds were kept tidy and "folded up". A couple of arguments with German and Polish guests later and we figured it out. There are plenty of beds and you do find people only use them for a couple of hours at a time.

The staff are excellent and work really hard. The hotel was spotless. One evening I caught a maid cleaning the outdoor lights such is the effort they put in. Waiters and waitresses are constantly walking around taking a drinks order. I don't think there was a time where I was without a drink during the stay.

The food is excellent. Everything is made fresh and is home made. There is a lady who solely does pancakes and crapes, I spoke to her and she only used ducks eggs and milk due to the quality. It meant a lot to her. We ate in the Chinese restaurant one night and the food was delicious, as was the Italian, with pizzas made in a coal pizza oven. Becky and I ordered a pizza each and shared a plate of pasta. Delicious. You have to book to use these restaurants. The buffet restaurant is where you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast includes everything you could wish for, full English, continental, a huge array of breads, doughnuts, pancakes, name it. Dinner and lunch had a selection of hot meals which changed every day. There was normally a selection of 6 meals you could choose from, then there was a huge hot plate where you could order steaks, fish and sausages cooked to your liking and then a show cooking area. You chose which meats and vegetables you wanted (ham, sausage, peppers, mushrooms etc), which sauce you wanted together with which pasta and it was all flamed cooked in front of you. It was so tasty. If you were still hungry, you could then choose a pudding.

The drinks were all non-brand but were fine. The lager was refreshing, there was a huge range of cocktails, gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, sambuca, fresh juices, name it. If you are a big wine lover than I'm afraid there isn't much for you. The red was dry and tarty, the white would be more appropriate as window cleaner. A chunk of ice helped it out though.

The room was fine. Typically Mediterranean with marble floors. I found the bed really uncomfortable. There is a mini-bar which has soft drinks, beer and champagne in it which is re-filled every other day.


All in all for the price it was great. It seemed to be a good choice with couples as there were lots there of all ages. Would I go back again? Probably not and it would only be because Kos was a bit too quiet for us. It was a great hotel but not one that I would go, "oh my god we must come back here as soon as possible". Would I recommend it? Most definitely. The staff and food are excellent. The hotel is great to spend time in and very clean. We aren't the only ones who rave about the hotel, just check out the incredible reviews.

We had a great week and we were really happy. If you are considering a holiday around June to August, I would probably recommend Son Bou in Menorca more. You'd probably spend the same if a little more, and it would be self catering but it is paradise, especially for families.


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