21 Bar and Grill Knutsford

For those of you heading out to Knutsford and fancy trying something meaty, make sure you check out 21 Bar and Grill. Jon Green of Australasia fame is Head Chef and you'll find a small but sufficient choice of menu. 

We had the 21 Fried Chicken Bucket for starter which was a sharer for two. It featured 3 pieces of chicken each with a pot of chips, BBQ beans, gravy and coleslaw. The chicken was gorgeous. The seasoning was fantastic: the chicken falling off the bone with a touch of a fork such was it's succulence.

For main we went for the 21 Gourmet burger. Gorgeous beef in amongst BBQ pulled pork sat on a brioche. It was the crumbled, half melted Cheshire Cheese which took it to another level. Chips accompanied and were tasty. Perhaps the mayo was a bit tasteless and the side salad was a bit of a let down (just rubbery lettuce with not even a dash of dressing) was perhaps the only downside.

A friend had a posh Fish and Chips which was gulped down and another had perhaps the best linguine she's ever had with mussles and all that malarky.

Service was fantastic as was the surroundings. Nice background music and good vibes. The beer was good too, the Birra Moretti on draft was fresh, refreshing and ice ice cold. The ciders on offer were fantastic too.

For those of you in your late twenties having just moved into your first house, the menu is more on the expensive side of your budget but it worked out to be around £50 a couple for us which wasn't too bad at all. Well worth checking out.

The Season So Far

Well it's not been bad. 2 minutes off my 25 mile TT PB, over a minute off my 10 mile TT PB and 30 seconds off my club 10 PB using the slower two lap circuit. I've been amazed by the times. I've hardly been able to get training in due to organising the Cheshire Classic Women's Road Race (which saw 2 weeks back to back off my bike alongside not much in terms of quality miles leading up to it) alongside helping out a recent cycling festival and numerous social activities.

I started my season 2 months earlier than last year which has helped. My first event being a 10 in early March, 2 weeks after the Llanberis training weekend. I was aiming to get into a 24 for a 10 later on in the season but never ever thought I would post a 24.13 for a 10 in April! I couldn't believe it. I crossed the line gobsmacked. I just kept saying "I can't believe it" again and again at the HQ. 

I've been happy with my times in the club 10s too. It's a tricky circuit and to get early 25s has been nice. We are using a different circuit due to roadworks on the normal circuit. The temporary circuit is two laps which contains 8 90 degree corners. It totally takes out any momentum and kills your legs. I posted a short 25 last week feeling pretty tired which got into the top 10 so hopefully there is more to come. We shall see!

Many have asked what I'm doing. As I've said above, nothing much! Very little training that is for sure! I just got out and ride my hardest to represent the club. A good Winter has really helped, losing 2 stone together with the new bike which is just incredible. It's incredibly stiff (making it near impossible to turn at the same time) and the position is perfect. Being able to change gears on the tri-bars makes such a huge difference. I'm also using a skinsuit with shoe aero covers. A lot is said about aero helmets, skinsuits and shoe covers, especially by Chris Boardman, I believe it has helped me for sure.

Anyway a lot of riders are only just starting out with their races so their form will come. I hope I can keep improving and I haven't peaked too soon. The focus will be to get some more 25s in and look towards the Cat & Fiddle Hill Climb and Cyclo Cross in the Autumn.

For anyone looking to get competing this season, Time Trials (or testing) is a great way to get involved. It's really friendly and the thought, science and margin gains beneath it all is fascinating. Although everyone competes across the same distance, everyone has a different story to tell back at the HQ afterwards. Dig deep and get competing.