Tubular Tyre Repair

For those of you running tubular tyres, if you get a puncture and it needs repairing make sure you checking out Brown's Tyres Tubular Tyre Repair. It's a friend of mine Garry Brown who is based in Winsford. Although based in Cheshire he is offering a nationwide service, send them to him and your tubular tyre will be repaired and sent back to you. For those of you who are time precious, Garry also does a tubular tyre installation service.

Garry has been involved in cycling for over 40 years and although I don't use tubs personally, the boys that have had repairs say the work is incredible.

Tubular tyre repairs are from £12 and cyclo-cross tubs are from £17 with a small charge if there are extra incisions on the tub. You can also book and pay online.

Check out www.tubular-tyre-repair.co.uk for more information.


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