Core exercises and video

Developing a stronger core is one of the most important, but most overlooked areas of development when it comes to cycling. I'll be honest I found the idea of doing so boring, but following constant knee injuries caused by tight hamstrings and ITB and some mild back problems, last year my brother Chris, Clinical Director of Your Sports Therapist, put me on a Winter programme to develop my core.

The results over 2013 were brilliant. I suffered hardly any issues with my knee. My hamstrings were also a lot better (mainly helped by an exercise programme) but I found my performance was a lot better on the bike.

My brother has put together a blog which contains some exercises and also a video below. Enjoy!

Tubular Tyre Repair

For those of you running tubular tyres, if you get a puncture and it needs repairing make sure you checking out Brown's Tyres Tubular Tyre Repair. It's a friend of mine Garry Brown who is based in Winsford. Although based in Cheshire he is offering a nationwide service, send them to him and your tubular tyre will be repaired and sent back to you. For those of you who are time precious, Garry also does a tubular tyre installation service.

Garry has been involved in cycling for over 40 years and although I don't use tubs personally, the boys that have had repairs say the work is incredible.

Tubular tyre repairs are from £12 and cyclo-cross tubs are from £17 with a small charge if there are extra incisions on the tub. You can also book and pay online.

Check out for more information.