Google Colour Algorithm

Interesting post over at Point and Fire which highlights an interview between Google's Matt Cutts and TechCrunch. In it he states that Google is now taking into account colours used on a website in it's algorithm.

“while we continue to advise webmasters to focus on promoting compelling content and site usability, there are certain ways to represent quality and render a site more search engine friendly”...“We use a range of signals to ascertain the value of a site. For the first time, we are now also factoring in aesthetics such as colour, shading and contrasts”.

Social Customer Service

Came across this top infographic below which focuses in on customer experience through Social.

9% of all social users engage with brands daily and half of us will engage several times a month with brands.

71% of us expect a response within 5 minutes and if we receive good customer service, 70% of us would return as a customer in future being 21% more likely to spend! Not only that, 71% would then recommend the brand to a friend.

If you're not engaging with your followers then do, the results are significant.

While we're on Social, Facebook announced that it now has 24 million users in the UK, 83% of which are using a smartphone to check Facebook daily.