We Are Squared - Lesson 2 - we love brands for than family

According to the Class of 2015, teenagers are 3 times as likely to follow a brand rather than a family member. 66% would also visit a place based on seeing a check-in from a friend. They love social media with 29% finding love on Facebook, 59% updating their status during a lesson and 55% also taking on Twitter too.

They're not the only ones. We spend 4.6 hours a week on Social Media but this isn't as much time spent on email. We spend a massive 7.2 hours a week reading email.

What all this leads to is the amount of data we're consuming, and also giving away to brands. In a survey it was interesting to see 80% of the group concerned about this. I voted that was I ok with it all. At the end of the day I'm using Social Media platforms which I've not paid a penny to use. I chose to use these platforms and I chose to upload my data and photos to these platforms. If you're not happy with it then don't use the platforms simple. I wrote a blog about this a while ago on Facebook Graph Search which has been released this week.

At the end of the day the data being used by the brands can only be used to create better targeting and better products and services. 

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