We Are Squared Begins: 10% us love taking selfies

So We Are Squared begins. Today's first lesson was more about setting the scene, getting to know each other and setting out why we were doing it.

We had a couple of polls. One on visual self, which seemed to look at being able to create your own celebrity online, saw that out of the group around 50% of us had taken less than 5 "selfies" (photos of yourself) while 5% had 50-99 selfies and 6% had too many to count! I fitted into the less than 5 bracket, I would spend too much money on replacing broken cameras!

I think the point was that visual references are really important online, you only need to look at Mashable's new website which is heavily image focussed, the rise of infographics, sites like Pinterest and Facebook's stat of 300 million photos being uploaded every day.

The ball is just getting rolling, there was a lot of setting up today although there was good debate being had. We were asked to describe what we thought the definition of "digital marketing" was. It was really interesting to see the amount of descriptions which concentrated more on brand visibility rather than financial gain.

For me, marketing is all about generating profit. Digital marketing is generating profit through means of digital media. How you generate that profit could be through increased brand visibility, market share, noise etc. One square who didn't agree asked me "well what about charity marketing?". Well charities are slightly different as they are not-for-profit organisations but the use of marketing remains the same, to generate money. In their case, monies made are invested directly back into the charity.

I'm really looking forward to module 3 which has a strong concentration on search and it looks like we're going to be in competition to run our own PPC campaigns to see how much money we can make.

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