Pre-Season Training Tips - How To Avoid Injuries

My brother over at Your Sports Therapist has been putting some blogs together for those of you who are starting pre-season training. So far the blogs cover tight calves and back cramping. After a nice summer break the body does tend to lose flexibility and injuries can occur so well worth checking out.

It's mad how quickly you can lose fitness, even taking just a couple of weeks off can see a dip in performance. I normally find it is my heart rate, going up that hill I do every week after a bit of a break can see the heart rate go up a couple of beats more than usual.

It's good to see Chris is busy and life as self employed is going well. He has got lots of people coming in for sports massages at his clinic in Cheshire and it's been encouraging to see more people head in from the cycling club. I'm still surprised at the amount of people, who participate at high standards in amateur sport, who are reluctant. They would most definitely see performance gains from a regular sports massage.

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