Most Effective B2B Lead Generation

Some nice research from InsideSales has shown the most effective ways of generating B2B leads. Tradeshows, conferences, email and website are key considerations.

Interesting to see Google+ being abandoned and Facebook and LinkedIn being overused for little return. Social proving to be tricky in B2B environments.

With many of us spending 72% of our day in front of Outlook it is no wonder that email proves effective.

The report does highlight some opportunities with executive events (trackdays etc) and telemarketing (which I am a big believer in) being underused but very effective. At One we've had fantastic results through telemarketing.


phone service for conference said...

The use of teleconference and email marketing are two effective ways to improve B2B sales. With proper use of these two, success can be achievable. I agree with the social being tricky. When it comes to contacting it does not appear formal. It should serve as a center of information and news.

Unknown said...

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