Creating links - it's all about relationships

As the Google Algorithm continues to change, the emphasis on creating high quality links from bloggers is ever more important. Unfortunately some agencies, and also clients, just don't get the process.

Larry over at Velo UK, who has helped me out on the Cheshire Classic and is a great advocate for cycling here in the UK, has just posted up on his Facebook an approach from someone.

"I am a freelance writer based in the UK and i have been writing about cycling for a client of mine and i came across your website. I really like your content especially as i think you have one of the best sites ive seen in a while and i would love to be able to write a guest post for with you.

I have a few topics in mind, with the main focus on "Essential summer cycling gear" 

If this interests you please let me know so i can send over a post for you to look at

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Adrianna xx"

The kisses at the end do it for me. It's just a naff approach and quite obviously no thought or research has gone into the email. If you know VeloUK, you won't ever see an "essential summer cycling gear".

It's not about sending an email to a blog owner, saying you think their blog is the bestestest you've ever seen and then ask if you can do a guest blog. They weren't born yesterday. It's like knocking on someone's front door, letting yourself in, helping yourself to a beer and take over their television. You've got to build a relationship first and that takes time.

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