Nice infographic on Social consumption

Taken from one of the Google Squared lessons. I really like this infographic on Social consumption. It's crazy how much happens in 60 seconds!

Most Effective B2B Lead Generation

Some nice research from InsideSales has shown the most effective ways of generating B2B leads. Tradeshows, conferences, email and website are key considerations.

Interesting to see Google+ being abandoned and Facebook and LinkedIn being overused for little return. Social proving to be tricky in B2B environments.

With many of us spending 72% of our day in front of Outlook it is no wonder that email proves effective.

The report does highlight some opportunities with executive events (trackdays etc) and telemarketing (which I am a big believer in) being underused but very effective. At One we've had fantastic results through telemarketing.

We Are Squared - task 1 - come up with a new online business idea

Great task this week. I've come up with what I think is a really nice idea. Global, social, perfect for the demographic that uses social media and a bit of a gap in the market too. Good opportunities to make money through advertising and a nice exit strategy too.

We'll put all our ideas into our work groups next week and the best one gets picked! Should be interesting to see how this develops. Will keep you posted with mine next week.

Big Data Video from OgilvyOne

Aaron at the agency sent over this vid this morning. It's smiley, happy, cheesy people all the way but some of the ideas are nice. I've always said that stores need to embrace digital in-store and this video covers it off nicely. Taking a photo in the mirror and having it sent to Twitter or Bookface in-store is a nice touch and I like the in-store NFC download of appropriate clothing based on body size and previous preferences.

We Are Squared - Lesson 2 - we love brands for than family

According to the Class of 2015, teenagers are 3 times as likely to follow a brand rather than a family member. 66% would also visit a place based on seeing a check-in from a friend. They love social media with 29% finding love on Facebook, 59% updating their status during a lesson and 55% also taking on Twitter too.

They're not the only ones. We spend 4.6 hours a week on Social Media but this isn't as much time spent on email. We spend a massive 7.2 hours a week reading email.

What all this leads to is the amount of data we're consuming, and also giving away to brands. In a survey it was interesting to see 80% of the group concerned about this. I voted that was I ok with it all. At the end of the day I'm using Social Media platforms which I've not paid a penny to use. I chose to use these platforms and I chose to upload my data and photos to these platforms. If you're not happy with it then don't use the platforms simple. I wrote a blog about this a while ago on Facebook Graph Search which has been released this week.

At the end of the day the data being used by the brands can only be used to create better targeting and better products and services. 

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children Ad

Just doing some research for a client and across this ad. Stunning.

Creating links - it's all about relationships

As the Google Algorithm continues to change, the emphasis on creating high quality links from bloggers is ever more important. Unfortunately some agencies, and also clients, just don't get the process.

Larry over at Velo UK, who has helped me out on the Cheshire Classic and is a great advocate for cycling here in the UK, has just posted up on his Facebook an approach from someone.

"I am a freelance writer based in the UK and i have been writing about cycling for a client of mine and i came across your website. I really like your content especially as i think you have one of the best sites ive seen in a while and i would love to be able to write a guest post for with you.

I have a few topics in mind, with the main focus on "Essential summer cycling gear" 

If this interests you please let me know so i can send over a post for you to look at

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Adrianna xx"

The kisses at the end do it for me. It's just a naff approach and quite obviously no thought or research has gone into the email. If you know VeloUK, you won't ever see an "essential summer cycling gear".

It's not about sending an email to a blog owner, saying you think their blog is the bestestest you've ever seen and then ask if you can do a guest blog. They weren't born yesterday. It's like knocking on someone's front door, letting yourself in, helping yourself to a beer and take over their television. You've got to build a relationship first and that takes time.

Pre-Season Training Tips - How To Avoid Injuries

My brother over at Your Sports Therapist has been putting some blogs together for those of you who are starting pre-season training. So far the blogs cover tight calves and back cramping. After a nice summer break the body does tend to lose flexibility and injuries can occur so well worth checking out.

It's mad how quickly you can lose fitness, even taking just a couple of weeks off can see a dip in performance. I normally find it is my heart rate, going up that hill I do every week after a bit of a break can see the heart rate go up a couple of beats more than usual.

It's good to see Chris is busy and life as self employed is going well. He has got lots of people coming in for sports massages at his clinic in Cheshire and it's been encouraging to see more people head in from the cycling club. I'm still surprised at the amount of people, who participate at high standards in amateur sport, who are reluctant. They would most definitely see performance gains from a regular sports massage.

We Are Squared Begins: 10% us love taking selfies

So We Are Squared begins. Today's first lesson was more about setting the scene, getting to know each other and setting out why we were doing it.

We had a couple of polls. One on visual self, which seemed to look at being able to create your own celebrity online, saw that out of the group around 50% of us had taken less than 5 "selfies" (photos of yourself) while 5% had 50-99 selfies and 6% had too many to count! I fitted into the less than 5 bracket, I would spend too much money on replacing broken cameras!

I think the point was that visual references are really important online, you only need to look at Mashable's new website which is heavily image focussed, the rise of infographics, sites like Pinterest and Facebook's stat of 300 million photos being uploaded every day.

The ball is just getting rolling, there was a lot of setting up today although there was good debate being had. We were asked to describe what we thought the definition of "digital marketing" was. It was really interesting to see the amount of descriptions which concentrated more on brand visibility rather than financial gain.

For me, marketing is all about generating profit. Digital marketing is generating profit through means of digital media. How you generate that profit could be through increased brand visibility, market share, noise etc. One square who didn't agree asked me "well what about charity marketing?". Well charities are slightly different as they are not-for-profit organisations but the use of marketing remains the same, to generate money. In their case, monies made are invested directly back into the charity.

I'm really looking forward to module 3 which has a strong concentration on search and it looks like we're going to be in competition to run our own PPC campaigns to see how much money we can make.