Time Trialling - Halfway In

It looks like I have tits but I'm happy with my position

So here we are, mid-June and about halfway into the "season". I'm making good progress, I'm behind where I'd like to be but I'm improving at around 20 seconds a week for a 10 so at least I'm not going backwards. I'm posting short 26s on our club 10 which is about 10-15 seconds off my fastest last year.

Weight Loss

I had a good winter followed by a good Llanberis but lost momentum with the house move. I also wanted to purchase a Time Trial bike but that too has fallen by the wayside until next year. As you can hopefully see in the photo above I've lost weight, I'm currently 77kg which is 10kg lighter than this time last year and 8kg lighter than earlier in the year.

I've been careful to not lose power while losing the weight. I'm definitely missing the miles though, I've not been able to get out on my usual weekend miles and mid-week rides as often as I've wanted. I have kept up with the club runs and when I have been out I've made sure it is quality. Hopefully looking forward I'll get some more miles in from July onwards.


2013 has been a first. I entered my first open solo 25. I posted a time of 1.08 which I was really happy with as I was aiming for a 1.10. It would have been slightly faster had I not been held up by a coach at a junction. I enjoyed the 25, it was a tough day on the course, very windy but I managed to get into a rhythm and I felt good. Importantly I knew I could have done better at the end. There were times about halfway round that I lost concentration, my heart-rate dropped and I should have been pushing on. It was a good experience though.

Following that I competed in the 4up 25 with the club. We had 4 teams. My team posted a 1.01 which if you notice the 7 minutes difference that is a huge leap. I would like to say I contributed to that but I probably did about 2 minutes on the front throughout. Steve Thomas and Jim Williams were powerhouses on the front. I just held on for dear life on the back the whole way round, my legs screaming, my heart-rate through the roof. Cheers to Tommo & Jim for that, sorry I couldn't have done more.

Hopefully all this is building up in my legs and improving my fitness. I would love to post a short 25 for a 10. We'll see!

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