Sports Therapist in Northwich

For those of you looking for a sports therapist in Northwich make sure you check out Your Sports Therapist.

Those who follow my blog will know the incredible help I've been given by my brother Chris over the years and I'm proud to say he has set up his own sports therapist clinic in Northwich.

As a sports therapist his services include:
- Sports massage (which I must highly recommend if you're playing sport on a regular basis as ongoing maintenance - it keeps the muscles relaxed allowing for better flex and transportation of blood; and with it better performance)
- Injury assessment and rehabilitation (for those suffering from aches and pains)
- Pilates (he is currently running a class on Sunday mornings which is proving to be very popular), medical acupuncture (which is really clever stuff)
- Rocktaping (that coloured tape you see athletes wearing sometimes to help muscle flex if they are having problems)
- Personal profiling and training (for those of you looking to take that next step up and improve on personal performance)

Chris qualified as a sports therapist a few years ago and his since gone on to work with footballers, rugby players, cricketers, gymnasts and of course us amateurs! He chose to be a sports therapist as a career choice having been through major rehabilitation himself following a horrific injury while on trial at Bradford City.

I know he is my brother but he has helped me tremendously and I know plenty of others who will say the same. It speaks volumes when you see the amount of referrals coming his way! If you are interested, sessions start from £20 for half an hour and he'll also do home visits. Visit for more info.

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