QR codes are still shit..

That's right folks according to a recent survey only 25% of smartphone users have scanned a code in-store with 9% still unaware of the technology. Can we please stop using them?!

In more interesting news I read this week that 85% of board meetings are now discussing website performance, but less than a quarter are making changes based on sophisticated data. I cannot stress how important analysis is, we discuss this with our clients on a week on week basis with a full review monthly, quarterly and annually. It has lead to significant changes in strategy both for us as an agency and for clients with fantastic results being seen, especially in the case of one client Moduleo.

It was also interesting to read how keyword rich domains were having less impact on ranking with a 0.08 reduction in correlation to ranking. Social Media, in particular Google+ is starting to see small increased in correlation to rank. I think this is a major area, feeding back to Google AuthorRank, I'm still surprised how little effect Social Media has on ranking, I think it could change with the emergence of Google+.

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