Google Squared

I best give a heads up for Google Squared which is a digital marketing course being run by the good folks over at Google and industry body IPA.

It is a 6 month course which starts in July involving 5 modules, all building up (if you complete all the assignments of course) a Squared Online Certificate in Digital Marketing, which in the words of Squared "created for the industry by the industry to meet the need for high calibre digital talent".

All sounding like top stuff and I've been given the opportunity by the agency to take part in a pilot course along with a 100 other digital marketeers around the UK. It'll involve two nights a week of online lessons together with assignments, the first of which to create a 2 minute video about myself. I've put something together, it won't win any awards but meets the brief. A lot has been said about simplicity when it comes to User Experience so I decided to go down that route.

No doubt I'll be keeping you updated on here!


Anonymous said...

I’m considering doing either the CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing, the DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing or the Google Squared Certificate in Digital Marketing. I have no experience or qualifications related, but I have been in contact with all of them and they all said that if I wanted I would be admitted. I have got a lot of information about the 3 courses, but I am still unsure about which one to pick. What made you pick the Google Squared Certificate over the other courses? Which one would you recommend with my profile?

Yogesh Yogs Ram said...

Hi. I read the posts about Squared and decided to comment (even though your comment was left in July). Hopefully this will be beneficial.

I am also starting out my career in Marketing (Digital) and Social Media. I've looked at the CAM (CIM) Unit Awards (Digital Marketing and Mobile Marketing in Practice were my favorite). But I am very reluctant to commit to a program of study like a diploma, before actually beginning my career in digital. My personal circumstances dictate that I cannot stop working and commit to a program of study. I still need to work.

I only came across the Squared initiative yesterday. I've been doing a lot of research since last night and have found a lot of people endorsing the program. Not to mention the likes of IPA, JWT and other big names. But names don't mean a thing if the content is not sound. It seems that the content whilst being innovative and forward thinking is not practical in the sense that people with 0-1 yr experience are going to be directly impacted from day 1 of entering into their professional role. I think this course is something that will benefit you in the background to begin but will come to the fore as you impact the decision making process and reach a level where you impact direction and strategy. Nevertheless, it is being offered for £1000 right now, and my personal experience tells me that this is far too discounted and will definitely increase in price as it becomes more widespread in demand. In my quest for training courses and qualifications I am extremely price sensitive.

My approach: simple, take this course if you get a place but, combine it alongside short courses of 1-2 days (or 4-5 weeks; 1-evening a week). Therefore I will be taking a course at London College of Communication (University of Arts) in Social Media Marketing (2-day intensive or 5-weeks every Sat morning) that costs £275. Other professional bodies (CIM/IDM/Econsultancy/PRCA/CIPR) offer similar 1-day courses with similar content to the one I'm taking for a far greater price (£300-£800).

Conclusion: take the Squared course if you're offered it. Don't expect that you'll just need this though and you'll walk in to a digital marketing role. Combine it with other courses that you can afford and are beneficial. Ultimately though it is experience that we need to take us further. The Squared course will open a lot of doors with its sheer network alone. For that reason alone it will be beneficial but for the content, obviously developed by Google and IPA it should no doubt be rewarding.

If you would like to discuss this further I will be more than happy to share. Connect with me @_yogs_ or

Yogesh 'Yogs' Ram

Elliot Sinclair said...

Do you have any feedback about the course went? I am a complete beginner in digital marketing (and would pay for the course myself).

Do you think it is for me?


Unknown said...

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