Cheshire Cat 2013 Sportive

Well here is my number for 2013's edition of the Cheshire Cat sportive. It'll be my 5th attempt at the Cheshire Cat, my first attempt being when it used to start from Knutsford High School with orange squash and biscuits for refreshment!

If you've entered you are in for a treat, it's a great sportive, spot on for early season miles. The route is pretty flat with only 30 miles up in the hills. Feed stops are quality and the start and finish is really nice too.

For those not local, you'll be whizzing through stunning Cheshire villages such as Goostrey and Holmes Chapel. Beware: the roads are totally battered down here, Flanders looked better after World War 1 so it would be good advice to keep your wits about you.

Mow Cop

Much is said about Mow Cop. Believe the hype as it is a tough climb. Not many, if any, club runs venture up it. As soon as you cross the railway crossing you're climbing. The toughest bit is the final 200m which is 25%. Here are my tips to cope with the 'Cop.

1. Start nice and slow. As with any climbing, keep to your own tempo. Don't get carried away. Loads of people bomb up the first bit and get caught out. Keep your heart rate as controlled as possible.

2. It gets really steep about 1/4 the way up. You'll start climbing and the road will go right and swirl round back to the left. Here it is pretty steep. You'll be out of the saddle and wheels may slip at the back. After here you need to back off and recover.

3. Keep it easy. Leading up to the final 200m it is pretty straight but it is quite steep. Keep your tempo and keep it steady. Focus.

4. Go for it up the steep stuff. Just before it ramps up it flattens slightly, recover, take a deep breath and slam yourself up it. Get on the drops, dig deep and sprint up it. Just dig and dig and dig.

This video shows it off very nicely

You can read my reviews of previous Cheshire Cats from 2012, 2011 and 2010 here.

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