Wiggins on Armstrong

Readers of this blog will know that I love both Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins. Mark because he is my age and I like the way he punched above his weight to get where he is. Some may say he is spiky like me too. And Bradley because he is just Bradley; elegant on the bike as he is charismatic off it. I always remember the two of them in the Madison when I was really getting into cycling, destroying the race. It was just incredible.

Since then I've always had this "who do I like best" going back and forth. But seeing the below from Bradley Wiggins just makes me love the guy even more. A stunning interview from Cycling Weekly, which is typically Bradley. If there was to ever be a time that I found Cav or Brad to have doped, it will be the day I stop cycling. Well done Brad for keeping it real.

"That was the thing that upset me the most about 2009 and 2010. I thought you lying bastard. I can still remember going toe-to-toe with him, watching him and his body language. The man I saw at the top of Verbier in 2009 to the man I saw on the top of Ventoux two weeks later, it wasn't the same bike rider...."

".....When he started welling up about his 13-year-old son asking him what it's all about - I never have to have that conversation with my own son. His father's won the Tour clean; there's this element of being smug about the whole thing to be honest. Then I got a 'you deserve everything you get' kind of thing. By the end, I was feeling no sympathy for him behind all the welling up and the tears."

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