New Year Resolutions

It is mad to think that it is the first of January 2013 tomorrow. It only seems 5 minutes when I last wrote of my objectives for 2012.

2012 was a cracking year, the Cheshire Classic Women's Road Race came on leaps and bounds. I'd like to improve on that in April 2013.

My Time Trialling improved quite a lot. I ended up posting a 25.13 for a 10 in August, I'd like to improve on that and get into the 24s in 2013. I managed to post a 25.55 on our own club 10 circuit on the very last night, again I'd like to dip into the 24s if I can. I managed to get involved in a few 25 mile Time Trials as part of a team. I suffered on both, the last one being a 2up where I was horrific. I'd like to get involved in a couple of solo 25s next year and see how I get on.

How this will all come along I don't know. I enter 2013 with a mortgage approval under my belt and a house viewing at the start of January. It is a big time for Becky and I. Hopefully things will be ok.

I leave 2012 the lightest I've ever been, Christmas has seen me add a kilo but I'm still 3kg lighter than this time last year and definitely fitter. Hopefully I can carry this over into January and build towards the Llanberis training weekend at the end of February. I'll be taking part in the Cheshire Cat in March again too.

All the best for 2013.

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