Cheshire Classic Womens Road Race Launch

Well we're off! I launched the Cheshire Classic Women's Road Race last week. The launch had been on hold for a couple of months while British Cycling got everything in order but after 6 months of planning, redeveloping and rebuilding the wait was finally over. I've been pleased with the reaction, people have really got on board with what I'm trying to do. Social Media has really played a part too.

For me the best part has been the response to the help area. It was really important that the race just didn't sit there being self indulgent, I wanted it to help support other cyclists. We've introduced tips and advice from buying bikes to getting into racing. We've mixed up club members with elite riders such as Sarah Storey and Lucy Garner - that for me was really important. I didn't want "us and them".

It was then great when Breeze came on board, they help support and develop Women's cycling across the UK. The meeting I had with Natalie from Breeze was brilliant, she had great direction and totally got what we were trying to do. Being part of a race like the Cheshire Classic will hopefully inspire their members.

We also announced that Epic Cycles were coming back on board, which was brilliant. Phil Weaver is a top bloke, his daughter Molly rode a fabulous race last year. We also have a couple of other sponsors in the pipeline which we're looking forward to announcing. We are having conversations with a potential major sponsor, not only for 2013 but looking ahead to 2014.

We have been grateful to have received press coverage both online and offline. Already the local newspaper has got on board, running a full page story on page 2. Although the timing is great (coinciding with a cycling initiative they are pushing 2013) this was a major highlight for me. I struggled to even get a small column published a week before the race last year and now in December we have a full page 2 article.

Locally it was really frustrating last year. Northwich isn't a big town; there is no other event in Northwich nor the surrounding area that can boast the participation of some the UK's best elite athletes which even included a multi-paralympic medalist. What's more it is on everyone's doorstep and it is FREE to watch. If the local community gets behind the race it would really be fantastic. Hopefully we're on the right track. Fingers crossed!

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