Putting on mudguards

Well it's that time of year. Time to put the mudguards on. We have a tradition in the club where mudguards are worn from when the clocks go back until they go forward. It's a poignant time of year, putting on my Crud Catcher's tonight I thought back from when I took them off. It doesn't seem five minutes since I took them off in February for Llanberis. All the club runs, the Time Trials, the highs and the lows.

Now they're back on and ahead of me lies 4 months of lonely Winter months on the road. Where it takes 10 minutes to get dressed just to go out. The gasps at the first touches of cold air as you get going. Slow, long base miles. January is the worst. The beautiful, easy autumn days of October and November are over, where the thought of competition are out of sound and mind. December's build to Christmas has long bin and gone. January is tough, burning off the Christmas weight and Llanberis only a month away.

I hate putting on mudguards. They are horrible, clumsy things. They are the defining moment of the end of the season. They are the start of hard months ahead. Bring on the Winter.

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