New Cheshire Classic Women's Road Race Website

I've recently launched a new website for the Cheshire Classic Women's Road Race which I'm promotor of on behalf of Weaver Valley CC.

I used a Wordpress Template from Woo Themes and tweaked it to suit. Aaron Starkie at work gave the race a fresh new look with modern branding to make it a race for the girls to feel part of.

A major new part of the website is the Women's Cycling area. As well as promoting the race I'm committed to improving the visibility of Women's cycling. Increasingly I'm seeing more and more girls of all ages out on their bikes, unfortunately many on their own. Through the race I've put together an advice area where, whether the rider is brand new to cycling or looking to get involved with a club or a race, they can find some helpful advice.

I've also added an interview section where I've invited both professional riders and members of the Weaver Valley CC to offer their own tips, advice and experiences. I really like the idea of this, the pro riders mixing in with our grassroots club members. I really do hope it is inspiring. Already I've had Sarah Storey, Lucy Garner and Hannah Walker get involved. I'll be adding more to this in the coming months.

Ultimately I hope I've greated a great platform that 1. the riders feel proud to be a part of 2. that I've made the club feel proud of the race 3. it inspires Women to get out on the bike and get racing and 4. a tool where sponsors feel they can get involved so I can invest more money back into the race.

Fingers crossed!

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