Wiggins and the Tour

Today's performance by Bradley Wiggins in the Time Trial was epic. To gain a 1 minute 56 second advantage on Cadel Evans this early on is incredible, especially as Evans is no slouch himself having won the Tour last year. It was poetry in motion, pure precision and power.

Bradley Wiggins is an inspiration for me. I always rode a bike, much more than playing any other sport such as Football. I spent a lot of time out on the road on my mountain bike but never had the direction to join a club. I didn't even know about racing or the velodrome until 2007! Both Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish are the reason why I ride a bike. I will never ever forget their Madison in 2008. It has to be the best race I've ever seen. They were incredible and tore the field apart. From that moment on I was determined to join a club.

I've read both their autobiographies, I think I like Cav because he is the same age as me and he has achieved so much. He shows that having guts, determination, being driven and perhaps a strong, stubborn personality can set you up well. Cav is a one off. We are witnessing history in the making, there won't be another British rider like him for a 100 years. We need to enjoy it while we can. His performance in this year's Tour (so far) without much support has been incredible. It just shows what raw talent he has.

While with Bradley Wiggins I've just always enjoyed his honesty. I've always appreciated his down to earth personality and dry humour. His autobiography is brilliant and nothing makes me more proud to have understood what he has been through and now see him look to win the Tour de France.

To see Bradley Wiggins win the Tour de France will be incredible. The first ever British rider to win the Tour. Watching today's Time Trial I had a lump in my throat, that was a big performance and I know from my experiences just how much that will have meant to him.

Emotions are running high. I loved hearing about his response to a journalist yesterday. That is pure Bradley Wiggins. Telling it the way it is. For me I don't care about the language, it is refreshing to hear someone speak out at last like that on doping instead of skirting round the question. His Tour Presentation interview was hilarious, he couldn't understand what Daniel Mangeas was saying and cut off mid-answer to say "why am I telling you this, you don't understand me either do you?"*. His run in with a cameraman after a recent finish is also worth watching. I don't know who is more feisty, Bradley or Cav!

One has to feel for Chris Froome. He could possibly win the Tour himself yet, although giving it a good go himself, understands the position of Bradley Wiggins. It is Bradley's one big chance to secure the Tour in his career. Froome has time on his side and it is a great indication of his character to be put his ability a-side and be able to support Wiggins. It also shows the sporting side of Wiggins that when Froome won on the La Planche des Belles Filles, he went over and embraced him. I just hope everyone remembers Froome's support for Wiggins in the years to come as he is an incredible talent.

And respect to Cadel Evans. He has been a true gent in his post interviews. He must wonder what he has to do to win now, his team although experienced hasn't got the youthful ability of that of Sky. One thing is for sure he will attack his heart out.

One thing worth doing is checking out Sky's website. They have some nice coverage including a tracker and the incredible photography by Scott Mitchell every day is amazing.

Come on Bradley, you're doing Britain proud!!

* I've since learnt that Bradley actually speaks fluent French, so no idea what was going on there! His love affair with the press continues!

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