Diggin' Deep

Well here we are, three quarters of the way through the club 10 season with a handful of events to go. It's mad how quickly the months whizz by. Last season my fastest time on our Weaver Valley course was 27:26, posting anything in between that and late 28s. This week I've posted a new PB of 26.10.

Each week I've knocked around 10 seconds off my time, there has only been one week where I've not beaten it. I've felt good all year, I had a strong Winter base, rarely has there been a week where I've not been out on the bike and I've engaged in a recent weight loss programme which has seen me lose 5kg.

I don't do any specific training. I always like a long ride on my own on Saturday. I don't ride easy, I'm always in the zone and it's just me versus the headwind; no chat, no hiding in wheels. I do some interval training but mainly just go as fast as I can. Then Sunday it is always about the club run which features the obligatory hill and cafe sprint.

The biggest development for me has been learning how to handle myself in a Time Trial, to notice that when the wind is behind you to push harder, if you're going down hill push even harder. Diggin' deep. It was the advice of Garry Brown in the club who told me that there is no rest in a 10, you just go flat out. Don't worry too much about the hill, save yourself for the decent and push as hard as you can.

Last year I spent most of the course wishing it could all end now. I don't think that anymore, I'm thinking how low am I, what is my heart rate and most importantly am I pushing hard enough, just willing my legs on and on.

Strangely I seem to perform well in windy conditions more than if it was a still evening. Perhaps it persuades me to push more?

Can I get into the holy grail of a 25 this year? I'm not sure, not that I'm going to try my best, but it would have to be a big, big performance. I'm not sure how much more I've got. We shall see!

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