Yes. Just 4 seconds from getting into that holy grail of 25. 4 seconds. It's nothing is it? Neither is 7 seconds, the time I shaved off this week, but by god it hurts.

To be honest I felt pretty poor this week, going round the course I had pretty much given up on beating last week's time. My legs felt lathargic, for some reason I couldn't get my heart rate up around the normal 185bpm either. It was wierd, I just felt at 90%.

The conditions were horrid too, there was a slight breeze but it felt like there was a headwind right round the course, it was also really muggy with no fresh air to breathe and my body just overheating like crazy. It was the first time all year I've wanted to get off the bike. Yet strangely I improved on my time.

There are two more rounds to go, plus an open event on the J2/1. We'll be diggin' deep once again next week.

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