First solo 10 - 27.46

Wednesday was the first solo club 10 of the season. Conditions were pants to say the least, what started out as light rain turned into massive droplets as we started. It didn't put folks off and we had a good 12 start on the line.

Many say wet conditions can be good. The wind can be quite still and also the rain brings more oxygen. I certainly felt good on the bike although I started off way too fast. I was bombing along only for the last quarter (and the more lucrative part of the course for me) to not get my best riding on it as the legs faded. Still I clocked a 27.46 which is close to my fastest ever on the course from last year. Hopefully I can improve on that during the year. The fastest rider was Alistair Stanway, smashing out a 24-25.

Needless to say I was soaked to the skin, pouring out water from my shoes afterwards. Great fun though!

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