First solo 10 - 27.46

Wednesday was the first solo club 10 of the season. Conditions were pants to say the least, what started out as light rain turned into massive droplets as we started. It didn't put folks off and we had a good 12 start on the line.

Many say wet conditions can be good. The wind can be quite still and also the rain brings more oxygen. I certainly felt good on the bike although I started off way too fast. I was bombing along only for the last quarter (and the more lucrative part of the course for me) to not get my best riding on it as the legs faded. Still I clocked a 27.46 which is close to my fastest ever on the course from last year. Hopefully I can improve on that during the year. The fastest rider was Alistair Stanway, smashing out a 24-25.

Needless to say I was soaked to the skin, pouring out water from my shoes afterwards. Great fun though!

Club 10s

Spring is here and so are the lighter nights which only mean one thing. Club 10s. Last year was my first season of pounding a 10 mile circuit around Lach Dennis, Allostock & Peover in the heart of Cheshire. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in again.

I've had a good pre-season with Llanberis and Cheshire Cat. I did loose 7kg but I've but one or two back on recently due to not being out on the bike. It was a strange thing really, I went through a bit of a dip where I lost motivation to get on the bike. I lost one weekend to organising the road race and then last weekend the bad weather alongside helping Becky with the horse lost me. A quick 20 miles during the week was all I had.

I was concerned going into last night's two-up that I may have lost some form, my head certainly wasn't in the right place however as soon as I got on the bike it all went away. It felt great. Isn't it strange how you feel once the adrenaline and endorphines start pumping?!

I was paired up once again with Al Silver. We did an awesome time last year in the late 25s however that was on a calm late Summer's evening. This was early season and there was a stiff headwind along the part of the course which is the most troublesome with a long incline.

We started off great, I felt comfortable and around the course we took a good amount of turns on the front. I knew we were doing ok as up ahead we were catching our minute men, however it was around this time we were overtaken ourselves by Richard Munro and Kevin Campbell. It was exactly the same spot Richard overtook us last year.

They must have gone full gas at the start as from there on we managed to keep with them, pulling ahead at times and riding alongside them - god knows what the cars behind were thinking. It was a battle! The remaining quarter of the race was just that with even a joint sprint at the end!

We finished with a time of 27.10 which put us in 5th place. Hopefully we'll be back for the second 2-up later on in the year. From next week it's back to solo efforts!