Shimano RS80 Wheel Review

Dave Hinde said that these were the best wheels £400 could buy and he wasn't half wrong.

Along with adding a Deda Blackfin fork, these Shimano RS80 Wheels are the best upgrade I've made to my bike. They roll along beautifully, pretty stiff and are incredibly forward going.

Previously I had a pair of Mavic Ksyrium Equipe's. They did a good job but over time they started to loose stiffness and the stickers had to be replaced at least 3 times which frustrated me to no end. They seemed slightly sluggish uphill too - not needed when you're 88kg!

I actually wanted a pair of Shimano RS80 wheels originally following a couple of good recommendations in the club but Dave didn't have a pair in stock.

Anyway now I've got a pair the difference is huge. The roll up quickly, react well with you when you need acceleration on climbs or sprints and are altogether a really nice wheel. They are made of alloy but have a carbon laminate for increased stiffness. They make a lovely purring sound when rolling along country lanes.

The weight is spot on too. Lighter than the Mavic Ksyriums at 1521 grams a pair. I also noticed they are slightly larger, wider at the inner rim and deeper in depth too. They seem ready for some action straight from the off.

If you're in the market for some new wheels and have around £400 to spend, I would totally recommend these wheels, in my opinion they are worth more and £400 is a steal!

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