2 months on from the bike fit

At the start of February I had a professional bike fit with Pedal Precision who are based at the Velodrome in Manchester. You can read more about the session in another post however in short the main change was lowering my handlebars and extending the hoods to stretch out my back.

The results have been fantastic. Combined with a new set of Shimano RS80 wheels, I totally believe it has helped me achieve a 200 mile weekend to Llanberis in February, complete the Cheshire Cat including the ascent of Mow Cop and altogether becoming more comfortable, stronger and faster on the bike.

I feel more assured on the bike, more planted, more confident. Little injuries and niggles are now no more, combined with good stretching and light warming up, I've not had any problems for the past 2 months. The changes were made to encourage me to keep my upper body particularly my hips still, allowing my legs to do more work and channel more power down to the pedals. I certainly feel a lot stronger on the bike.

If you're struggling on the bike, even just slightly, need a second opinion or looking to get some extra gains it was well worth it. I would highly recommend Richard at Pedal Precision.

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