2012 Targets

Hope to be smashing it out like Wiggins in 2012
Happy new year to you all. I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

January is the time when many put New Year resolutions and targets together.

My targets for 2012:

* Firstly get my weight down. I'm currently 92kg, I would like to loose 10 to 12kg before the end of February for Llanberis.

* Complete at least one full day to Llanberis. Last year I completed halfway each day, I would to at least do one full route this time.

* Continue with club 10s. Last year my fastest time on our tough JC19 course was 27:26 (25.36 in a 2-Up with Alan Silver). I'd like to touch the back end of a 25 this year.

* Compete in local Time Trials. I feel as though Time Trialling is my thing. I can't get shelled out of the back, feeling as though I'm letting the club down. A Time Trial is just me and the bike; I can set my own rhythm and be in control. I'd like to aim to compete in 10s, maybe look to do a couple of 25s.

* The club would like to get me racing so seeing how I get on maybe I will take part in my first race at Oulton Park in the Summer.

I would also like to move into a house before the end of 2012 with Becky, be it renting or on a mortgage. There could be a potentially beautiful new build coming up in the first quarter. Fingers, toes and everything crossed it does.

I hope everything goes to plan for Becky on Pete. They developed a really good partnership last year and she is hoping to do some bigger classes next year. He has a couple of years left in him and I look forward to seeing her at the big shows again. Becky is also looking to forge a career with horses. I would love to one day support her, I love being around the horses they are a really relaxing influence. Until that day comes she is hoping to become an affiliated showjumping course builder. Becky has a real talent for it from helping out at Bridgewater Riding Club. She is currently spending time with the highly respected Sue Barratt and has been asked onto the Area committee for the area. I'm very proud of what she has done so far and I hope it all works out for her.

2012 will also be the year where I take over from Terry Veal in running the Women's Cheshire Classic Road Race held in April. I hope I can make it the best race possible into 2013.

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