Dave Astles Rememberance Ride

Just had word from Alan Kemp that Dave's son Mark Astles has asked that we (Weaver Valley) arrange a ride where we can all have a nice chat and recall our fond memories of Dave.

The plan is to meet on Tuesday 27th December at Hartford British Legion (2 Bradburns Lane, Hartford, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 1LS) at 10.30am. The plan is to potter through the lanes to Congleton and possibly stop at the Garden Centre if people wish.

Mark and partner Lynsey will be on the ride and it is their wish that as many people as possible attend the ride even if only for a short distance. This is an invitation to any one who would like to attend including from other clubs etc

Alan asks because this is short notice can you please pass the word around and help us give Dave a day that would bring a smile to his face!

RIP Dave Astles

We had some really sad news in the cycling club today. Whilst out on the Wednesday club run today (21st December 2011), Dave Astles passed away. He suffered a heart attack on his bike.

Dave was a great guy, loved by everyone. A great cyclist who won the TLI National Circuit Championships last year in addition to other palmares from over the years.

As a founding member of Weaver Valley Cycling Club, he was a great storyteller. My favourite was his stories about Paul Sherwen being part of the club as a youngster.

He was a keen Manchester City fan and was looking forward to them winning the league!

There is a fantastic article on LVRC about Dave - http://lvrc.org/latest_news.asp.

A truely great gentleman who will be sadly missed.

Facebook Timeline

What's all the fuss about?!
Facebook is changing. This week it is rolling out it's new Timeline profile to all users. Described by Zuckerberg as "the whole story of your life on a single page", it basically formats your existing content in a sexier, square boxed way. The Timeline feature allows you to navigate through time easily, right back to when you were born.

The "Life Event" feature allows you to fill the gaps, adding pictures and data through those early years. It will be interesting to see how many people actually get that deeply involved in adding data from the launch of Facebook in 2004. The features within "Life Event" are nice though with easy prompts to start adding a job, hobby, buying a new car, having an injury etc.

For those into creating and writing blogs: the new Facebook Timeline uses MySQL database code as used in Wordpress.

Facebook also wants to know more about your whereabouts. Taking on Foursquare, maps becomes a more prominent feature. You will also notice in the right hand panel Facebook asking for location tags on your photo albums. In a nice feature these location tags are automatically found by Facebook so all you need to do is click yes.

The main things for me are:

Cover image: as well as your small profile picture you now get a large, landscape image at the top of your profile. I think this is a great addition which really adds personality to your page. There are some nice handy tools over at Mashable and Digital Life.

Apps: you will now be getting more involved in apps with Facebook. Next to your profile picture, location, work and relationship status you will now see several boxes. Pictures and friends are mandatory however there are a number of other boxes to link to apps. Apps are also given boxes deep within your pages now too. For me the installation process is still very clunky, the interaction between applications can be quite complex for a novice. I've recently got involved with Spotify and really like the integration. Spotify automatically updates my "played" list within Facebook, allowing other people to listen in if they want. Well worth looking into as a music app.

Harvey Nichols Christmas Ad 2011

Love this viral from Harvey Nichols which pokes fun at those of us who will be partying hard into the early hours of the Christmas period and doing the "walk of shame" home.

When I'm cycling through Northwich on a Sunday morning to the club run, it's always funny seeing people dragging themselves home with make up and hair smudged everywhere. The funniest example was during the Summer, on a beautiful sunny morning I rode past a guy who was sat on a grass verge, back propped up against a wall of a shop, fast asleep without a care in the world, beer still in hand.

The ad was created by DDB.

How Do Knowledge Bank Blog

I was asked to write a blog on Brand Stategy in Sport for How Do's Knowledge Bank this week. I decided to keep it close to home and concentrate on Sky's involvement in British Cycling. It's been 2 years since they invested in the professional road team and I believe it is one of the best examples of surrounding it.

You can read more at http://www.how-do.co.uk/knowledgebank/listings/view/one-marketing-communications?showcase_id=570