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I would like to introduce my brother, Chris, he has recently graduated as a Sports Therapist. If you're looking for sports massage or injury assessment and treatment, be it individually, part of a team or a business looking to bring someone in then please check out

As you would expect being his brother I've had first hand experience on the treatment table. Family relationship a-side, I must say he has worked wonders on my legs. When I first started cycling I suffered terribly from sore, cramped legs, and although the first couple of massages were tough work I now find that I'm considerably better. I've recently had a knee problem which was causing a lot of discomfort, a few weeks later and I'm ok again. Thanks to the support, I was also able to keep on the bike too.

You will be surprised during those first couple of massages just how torn, tight and knotted you actually are. The couple of days after the massage you will be sore and muscles bruised (as he basically has to break the muscle for it to repair it's self) however the next time you're out on the bike, and in the long term, you will definitely notice the difference.

The nutritional and warm up advice Chris has given has been brilliant and definitely made a big difference to my time on the bike.

What I like about Chris is that everything is explained really clearly. If you want to know why a particular part of your quad is sore then he will tell you what particular muscle that is and why it is tight and sore. It's the extra little tips, advice and guidance which make the difference for me; not just a massage and off you go.

If you're suffering from pain, don't put up with it, get in touch. 
Niggles and sore, tight muscles can be irritating. It can be easy to simply have a couple of days off, apply deep heat and get on with it however these little niggles can lead into big pains. Yes taking Ibuprofen hoping it will go away may relieve the pain but it doesn't solve the problem.

It will seriously be the best £30 you've ever spent. For those running along ok, a regular massage is great to flush out the toxic acids, keeping the muscles soft, which can effect future performances. Chris also offers Musculoskeletal profiling, which analyses your physical and fitness condition. He will then put together a plan of how you can improve to achieve your goals which is great for pre-season.

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