The Group Ride by Michael Barry

We've had a bit of mither in the club recently over club run etiquette. Quite rightly some members have been upset by a minority of riders pushing the pace too high and in some cases accelerating away from the group altogether, which obviously is not only disrespectful to the run leader but also brings up a number of issues should those individuals have problems.

It was to happen eventually, we have built up a very fit cycling club and much like a fit horse, all it needs is for the rider to allow it to fizz up a bit, get the adrenaline flowing and you will find it will go bananas. Horses are animals that need taming, which is where the rider comes in to restore order and bring a sensible head. We have a couple of horses within the group at the moment, however we also have experienced riders on board to bring them under control.

Jules from Weaver Valley CC passed around a link below to an article written by Michael Barry. It perfectly describes what a group ride should be like. If you like cycling, following Michael Barry's blog Le Metier is well worth subscribing too. His book of the same title is also worth the read.

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