When Fiction Becomes Non-Fiction

I came across www.JustRosie.com after seeing an article on MEN online this morning. I don't watch Coronation Street myself however it seems as though Rosie Webster on the soap is launching a modelling career. To help promote herself she has set up her own website. Coronation Street has published this website live and viewers can interact directly.

I really like the idea and adds real depth to the soap. The website has been nicely executed, looking suitably amateurish as if Rosie had done it herself however it includes some nice features which will help the soap develop it's viewer database with email data capture and Facebook page following tools.

It also provides a platform for advertisers with banner ads all round and ads before the video footage too.

Product placement will become ever more prominent, we have seen a very good example of it's use on Celebrity Big Brother recently with "Fright Night".

Much like product marketing, if TV programmes are to increase viewers they need to engage innovatively on an emotional level.

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