The club run captain

I'd just like to push out a quick blog as an ode to the club run captain. This is someone who is responsible for deciding the destination of each cafe stop every weekend, who looks after new riders out on their first club runs and guides the club run to it's destination.

The club run captain keeps a bunch of up to 20 riders of varying abilities together, safely, on a round trip of up to 60 miles each weekend. In my opinion it is not only an incredibly responsible but important job.

Our club run captain at Weaver Valley CC, Alan Silver, is stepping back from his duties at the end of September. Speak to anyone in the club and they will mention Alan. He is responsible of introducing and developing so many riders, I know that I would be the rider I am now without the support and guidance of Al.

I've lead a club run and know first hand how hard it can be to keep everyone together. Making sure the slower riders are ok at the back while you challenge and set out a sprint for the more developed riders at the front, all the while making sure everyone is going in the right direction and safe. You are constantly going up and down the bunch, sitting on the front and to be honest I was exhausted at the end of it all. Al does this every weekend with such ease.

I have nothing but respect for him. Cheers for everything Al.

We had a great ride to Dunham Massey today, some pics below.

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