WVCC Cat and Fiddle Hill Climb 2011

As Autumn starts to rear it's sleepy head, cyclists start to focus their minds on the hill climb season. Various hill climb competitions are held all over the country on the UK's legendary climbs.

At Weaver Valley CC we promote the infamous Cat and Fiddle Hill Climb Champs, which was last year won by Raleigh's Mike Cuming. The hill climb competition is open to everyone, so if you're mean, lean and fancy yourself as a mountain goat then get involved.

This year the Cat and Fiddle Hill Climb is on Sunday 25th September 2011.

For those of you who don't know about the Cat and Fiddle, it is a 11km climb which starts on the outskirts of Macclesfield and crosses over the Peak District to Buxton (A537). At the top of the climb is the second-highest pub in the UK, the Cat & Fiddle Inn. The average gradient is 3,7%, so not the steepest in the World and in some parts it actually dips and flattens out, however it is the distance which people struggle with.

I'm delighted to say that we've got over 130 entries to this year's event which is a record! Thank you to everyone who has entered, I look forward to cheering you on near Peak View cafe when I'm marshalling.

You can download the start list at http://www.weavervalleycc.org.uk/downloads/WVCCHillClimb2011StartSheet.pdf

Update: 28th September

2011 Results

Fastest male: Gunnar Gronlund (RST Racing Team)
Fastest female: Lynn Hamel (Herbalife / Wheelbase)
Fastest junior: Jack Bowyer (Team Wallis) (Weaver Valley's Dylan Sharrock came third!)
Fastest team: Buxton CC (Weaver Valley came second!)

You can download full results at http://www.weavervalleycc.org.uk/downloads/WVCCHillClimb2011ResultSheet.pdf

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