Some nice ads

I have spotted a couple of ads which I think are really nice.

The first being the new Ikea ad which debuted on Saturday during X-Factor. Beautifully crafted by London ad agency Mother with post-production by Factory. The production is typically Ikea and shows the couple having a play fight before bed. I love the proposition behind this ad, reminding people to go "happy to bed". Installing Ikea furniture obviously adds to that.

The media is very well planned with spots running around the evening. The activity also an iPhone app which allows users to personalise their exact "happy to bed" time based on their sleep cycles. Brilliant!

Keeping with Mother, they also recently picked up the £25 million MoneySupermarket account and have pushed the very nice "you're so MoneySupermarket" surf ad. It's great to see them ditching Omid Dhajli which was becoming very tired. Personally I didn't get the comedy either.

I like this new approach as it allows the ad to be seasonal and for us to associate with the situation. Brilliantly crafted it touches on the joy of using the broker website, it shows a man surfing on an inflatable crocodile after saving money on his car insurance.

I love the comic touches such as the suntan being thrown onto the BBQ. Incredibly, the CGI has come under some criticism on a few message boards. Quite obviously it's a poor execution intentionally to add to the humour!

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