Autoglass Windscreen Replacement

This is the cause of being hit by a massive stone, driving home on Wednesday night. It meant putting in a second call to Autoglass who had only a month earlier visited me due to a smaller crack which was repaired within 15 minutes.

I must say if there is an example needed of how good customer service should be implemented and excuted then Autoglass would be it. Their customer service is refreshingly exemplary.

Getting the process rolling is incredibly easy, filling in a couple of details on the website is a breeze due to the clean layout and easy to understand illustrations. Having filled in my details I was called within the hour to have my details and a date confirmed. They liased with my insurance company.

Not only did I recieve an email confirmation on both occasions, but I recieved a text message later in the evening to remind me about the early morning appointment, giving me a number to call should their be any problems.

The following morning the fitter called me to let me know he was on his way before he left. He was doubtful it could be fitted due to the possible rain, but said he would travel over just in case it was ok. Once he arrived the weather was ok and he had a new windscreen fitted within 2 hours.

Two signatures later and he was off. Everyone I have dealt with at Autoglass has been incredibly friendly with calls returned on the minute. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Thanks to fitter Craig (South Manchester) for his help.


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Lee Markus said...

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