Hitting 25

Last Wednesday was "2 Up for Fun" at the Weaver Valley CC Club 10. Because you are sharing the workload, getting to rest in the wheel of your partner before it giving it beans, it allows for the opportunity for fast times. And that it certainly did.

I partnered up with Alan Silver who leads the club runs on Sundays. Top bloke and as we were getting similar times in solo Time Trials I hoped we would make a good pairing.

We worked well together, Al lead us out and we flew along before posting a time of 25:35. I won't lie, I was seeing things in the last couple of miles but it was great to post a quick time.

I just need to post a similar time in a solo effort now!

New McCann Manchester Mushroom Ad

McCann Manchester have pushed out a nice new campaign for The Mushroom Bureau, raising awareness that mushrooms are as nutritious as other commonly considered "green" healthy foods.

I personally hate mushrooms but I love these ads. It's simple yet very clever and gets the message across easily. The taglines are brilliant and I really like the clean execution too.