The day when common sense provailed.

I woke up to news that the Alternative Vote (A.V) was rejected by 69% this morning. All of a sudden, I had this great sense of pride for Britain. I was worried that we might have had a close call as there was lots of talk on Social Media channels to vote for A.V simply to annoy knock out the Tories. This is because David Cameron had come out earlier in the week and said (in basic terms) "if you don't want to see the Conservatives again then you need to vote against AV". At the time I thought it was a ridiculous thing to have said and I imagine the Spin Doctor smacked his forehead as Cameron said it, however it seemed to rally the troops and the recent election saw a good turnout from Tory Supporters according to The Times.

A.V was never going to work, it was a ridiculous solution to a none existant problem brought to life by sour faced losers. The"First Past The Post" system was quite straight forward, the candidate who has the most votes wins. Simple. Be it by one vote. The most votes wins.

What is the problem with that?

A.V was too much of a complex system, the only parties who would really benefit would be 1) the Lib Dems. The majority of the UK are either Labour or Conservative (red or blue if we were to relate it to Football) so in this case many people would consider the Lib Dems a second choice at the vote. Or 2) independents or parties such as UKIP or Green due to the ethical vote.

The fact hardly anyone understood A.V didn't help either. I stood at the Polling Station for a while and there were many voters discussing the system as they went to vote, not understanding it at all. If you don't understand what you're voting for you're not going to vote for it are you? Due to it's complexity anyway it was going to be open to mistakes at the count too.

All in all it's not been a bad week, the Royal Wedding was a great achievement for Britain, a great example of personality and spirit and I feel the result of the AV vote adds to this.

For the Lib Dems it's been a bad week at the office. Their AV vote went wrong and then lost a huge amount councillors in the local elections.

One has to feel sorry for Nick Clegg, he has gone from hero to zero in a matter of months. One minute Lib Dem supporters love him for getting them into government, the next they call for his head. Although I'm not a fan of the coalition I feel Nick Clegg did the right thing at the election, anyone would have done it in his position. 12 months on and things just aren't working out with even Vince Cable today saying it was "ruthless, calculating and throughly tribal".

Mr Clegg will feel sore loosing votes around Sheffield but I think we can all feel positive to hear that BNP lost 11 of 12 councillors in this round of elections.

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