WVCC Cheshire Classic Results

Well that was an interesting start to the season! Today was the Weaver Valley Cycling Club Cheshire Classic Women's Road Race and had everything thrown at it. 2 riders were taken to hospital after a 15 rider pile up due to a woman in a blue car running into the peloton. She didn't stop and however we do have her wing mirror as evidence. If this was you on the A49 between Weaverham and Acton Bridge at 10 - 11 this morning please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

As if that wasn't enough someone thought it would be funny to litter the top of the climb with tacks. As we only use the course twice a year for 4 hours I can't believe anyone would be upset but if this was you, again I would love to hear from you.

I was going to write a race report however CK images have done a fantastic report (plus images!!) which I would recommend you read instead!

In short, Lucy Garner came first for Motorpoint followed by Hannah Rich of Horizon Fitness and the rather tanned Emma Grant of For Viored. Cheshire's very own Hannah Walker came fourth. Last year's winner Sarah Storey, although not in the top 10, did a great job on the front all day.

WVCC Cheshire Classic Women's Road Race 2011 Results

1st – Lucy Garner - Motorpoint

2nd – Hannah Rich - Horizon Fitness Prendas

3rd – Emma Grant – For Viored

4th – Hannah Walker – Motorpoint

5th – Lowri Bunn – Abergavenny RC / Gateway Cycles

6th – Lauren Creamer – Nick Lane Construction

7th – Hannah Barnes – Motorpoint

8th – Kara Chesworth - For Viored

9th – Penny Rowson - Horizon Fitness Prendas

10th – Laura Murray – Velocity 44 Stirling

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Anonymous said...

Hi, great report but one little detail is not accurate, Sarah Storey was second in 2010 behind Jessica Booth of Halesowen A & CC. Although I agree that Sarah did a load of work during the race and spent most of her time on the front. She is a true role model.