World Track Cycling Champs 2011

I thought I would comment on the recent World Track Cycling Championships. Listening to some people you would think the world had ended. I agreed with a chap called Owain Doull from The Times (unfortunately I didn't keep the article) who wrote a well observed summary similar to mine below.

Four years ago in Majorca we dominated and went on to be highly successful in Bejing. In the same position before London 2012, it is the Aussie's (and also in my opinion the French) on top form. They picked up 11 medals. Great Britain weren't that outclassed though, we still picked up 9 medals, a Gold, 3 Silver and 5 Bronze.

In my humble opinion we are yet to peak. You read inbetween the interviews from the Great Britain coaches, especially Chris Boardman, and you feel there is more to come. Great Britain is blessed to have great coaches, in particular Paul Manning, who will build these guys up. Reading Bradley Wiggins' and Mark Cavendish's autobiographies, they talk in great length about tapering their training so they peak for their main races, in particular The Tour de France. It is such a delicate skill.

Speaking of Bradley Wiggins, we didn't have him nor Geraint Thomas on board due to road commitments. They bring a lot to the Great British team. Dave Brailsford, leading this Titanic through the murky waters, although vocal, has also had his hands full with Team Sky.

British Cycling recently paid vast sums to Deloitte, commissioning a report which found Brailsford clear of any conflict from his work with British Cycling and Team Sky. I don't believe the report was needed, I believe he does a great job and delighted with the outcome of this needless report. But if we are being honest here, I personally believe he is more involved with Team Sky at the moment.

The team had a torrid first season, not living up to the Tsunami wave of hype they created. However 2011 has so far started on the right foot. The team looks more structured, positioned in all the right places in races with good results coming. I believe the track will get Brailsford's full focus after July (The Tour) this year, together with Wiggins, Thomas, Stannard and possibly Ben Swift.

There were lots of positives, it was great to see the young talent of Laura Trott and Dani King do really well, alongside Jess Varnish who must surely be knocking on the door of being Victoria Pendleton's lead out.

I have no worries and 110% faith in everyone at Great Britain come London 2012.


Bloc hornet said...

same here I think we will crush it in 2012

Facebook Design said...

Heres to Great Britain, Let's win this!