New KFC TV ad

Following straight after the Hovis ad below was the new KFC TV ad created by BBH. They were also responsible for the ridiculous 'Fresh' TV ad which tried to pursuade us that their "fresh" chicken was produced by highly trained chefs. I'm yet to meet anyone who believes in that ad, or anyone who hasn't laughed out loud when they see it.

KFC has been through the wars: with food, restaurants and staff taking a battering. It takes more than a fancy TV ad to change public perception though. The chicken needs to actually taste fresh not greasy, the chips not cold and hard, the restaurant not dirty and smelly. I'm yet to pass a KFC without Max Power holding a cruise outside, litter strewn around the car park and staff that look they've only just woken up.

For me this new lovey dovey TV ad isn't going to help matters either. Why on earth would an extended family, meeting up on a gorgeous summer's day, go to KFC? It would just never happen. "Hi Woody, gorgeous weekend coming up. We're having everyone round for a bucket of KFC chicken, you coming?" " having a BBQ thanks".

You are never going to remember the moment of falling in love over a bucket of KFC. KFC are kidding themselves if they think they are moving the brand into this sort of close, social eating.

The direction is also confused. The surroundings work hard to not put across a middle class semi-detached property, but then we end up with palm trees and actors looking like they are from a Joules catalogue.

The only good thing about this ad is the soundtrack, it rounds up the family message, although it would be better suited to John Lewis.

I imagine this is a brand development ad which sets KFC off on a family safe journey of reduced fat and salt but in my opinion it is another ad away from where KFC should be.

It is easy for me to criticise. What would I do? I believe they've got it right with the "all hands in the bucket" party approach but I'd take it away from this to something more real and stripped back. I would perhaps introduce people telling stories. It could be perhaps met with the message "what would you share over a bucket?".

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