Wind, rain, cold and sore legs

Today was a tough club run, starting off with a vicious head or side wind all the way round for 30 miles before it chucked it down big time all the way home for the final 20. Saturday saw me head out on my own for 40 miles as well to enjoy the glimpse of sunshine. Perhaps a bad call it made my legs tired from battling on in the wind on my own at the start of the club run. Today's efforts just totally finished them off.

It's at times like this you ask yourself "why am I doing this?". That perhaps it's worth stepping back a bit. But when Friday comes knocking on the door, I know I'll be looking forward to getting back out on the bike again. I think it becomes part of being a cyclist. You suffer through the pain, the cramps in the legs, the belly ache from the gels. Your clothing soaked to your skin, the wind chilling your hands so you can't feel them and all you want to do is curl up in bed as you force the bike down a long drag of country road.

Bring on next weekend.

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