Chip Shop Awards 2011

I work for an ad agency called One Marketing Communications and we've entered one our client's ads into the Chip Shop Awards.

The ad was created for a company called JT who are a leading UK manufacturer of shower trays. The aim was to raise awareness of Flexi-Fix, a self-adhesive, waterproof upstand (which basically does away with the use of adhesive and hides behind the tiles to stop water from leaking over the edge of the shower tray).

We created the ad within 24 hours of the WikiLeaks stories being released in the news and was distributed through email. The ad works beautifully with the strapline "Stop irritating leaks before they get everywhere". If you like to please vote for us by clicking here.

The Chip Shop Awards look at rewarding great creativity and thinking outside the box. Sometimes the best ideas don't get past the client (or would even be considered by a client). Chip Shop still allows agencies to enter projects which they believe are worthy of an award. A lot of the Chip Show Awards aren't actual campaigns but are brilliant and risque parodies of existing brand advertising (we were very lucky that we had a client that had the understanding and ours was published - worth the award in it's self if you ask me!!). Well worth checking out, there is some seriously clever work in there.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the point of the Chip Shop awards that it's for ad's that never ran? If you're saying this did run then it should be entered for Roses awards?

Woody said...

It doesn't matter if it has been broadcast or not. As the website says "This is a worldwide advertising and design competition that has no rules. The Chips is all about ideas. Your work does not have to have been broadcast, printed or mailed. The Clients doesn't have to be yours. You just need a brilliant idea."