Targets for 2011

I was aiming to come out of 2010, and the festive period, on good form; looking forward to a week off work with decent miles in the legs. 3 days before Christmas that all went out of the window, I was struck by the flu missing out on Christmas Eve straight up to New Years Eve. After I was over the worst of it on Boxing Day it still took a week for it to finally go, with me being only able to do activites for a couple of hours before getting very tired. I thought that it may be me feeling lethargic due to being bed ridden and attempted to head out on the bike, bad idea! I was everywhere!

So, here I am at the beginning of 2011 with nearly 3 weeks off the bike, to make matters worse on the way to the club run on Sunday my chain snapped!

I've thought about my targets for 2011. Last year it was to join a cycling club, which I did and I am now a member of Weaver Valley Cycling Club, since joining the club I've made a number of good friends and I feel I'm developing as a rider all the time.

Life with the club isn't without it's ups and downs, constantly striving to keep with the bunch, pushing the legs that little bit further or faster each week. It would be fair to say I'm not the fastest, nor do I have the ability to maintain the speed and acceleration over distance and up the climbs. Although I feel I have a good sprint on me.

The guys within the club are amazing riders, particulary the juniors who for the ages of 13-15 have incredible talent. Everyone has been very supportive. I remember one ride just before Christmas, it was a Saturday ride just 4 of us altogether. It was 60 miles non-stop and by the end my legs were agony. I was totally drained of energy, the pain was incredible in the last 10 miles. Dave McKay really helped me out, I felt sorry for letting him down and I don't want to be in that situation again.

So, I've decided my target for 2011 will be to build up my fitness, loose the weight and comfortably manage the club runs on the Sunday. To build up from the short rides to the longer, faster rides. My target from this will then be to return next Winter for the Saturday rides and hopefully manage comfortably.

A couple of the guys who joined around the same time as me Jules and Kris, and who have become good friends, have developed really well and are looking to compete in their first races next season so I'll be going along supporting. Maybe I'll be taking part in 2012 who knows?!

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