Nice Set of Ads

A couple of nice ads I've seen since I've been back after Christmas.

The first 2 have been created by Y & R Italy to raise awareness of a film studio. Beautifully captured, the art direction is superb. The ads really get across the absurd consequence from which being totally engrossed in a movie can bring. I love the guy washing in the sink from the fear of being stabbed Hitchcock style in the shower. Brilliant.

I thought the school bus ad from Calder Bateman in Canada was a cute way of getting across a potentially life threatening problem. It made me stop and look at it for a while. I think the crossing leading from the bus adds intrigue. The message is very well produced in the bottom left too.

The Colgate DM piece from Y & R France (a good month for Y & R it seems!) is clever as it's a relatively straight forward campaign to remind people to brush their teeth before going to bed. And who is going to turn down a box of pizza being delivered to work?! It would have a great reaction and pretty cheap to push out too.

The bus stop takeover by Colle and McVoy in the US is sensational. Raising awareness of Caribou Coffee's new range of breakfast snacks. Great for the freezing cold winters when you're waiting for a bus!

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Aaron Starkie said...

Love the film ads, not so keen on the pizza box, looks a bit gross :)