MBNA credit card fraud prevention

I've just found out that my credit card details stolen. It is sickening when you find out but fortunately I have been well looked after due to some brilliant service from the guys and girls over at MBNA in Chester.

I first found out that something was wrong after receiving a SMS text message from MBNA which alerted me that £1 had been paid to PayPal. If this was correct I was to text back YES, if not I was to text back NO.

Once I had replied NO, another text message shortly followed letting me know someone would give me a call shortly and to answer any withheld numbers. Literally within one minute a MBNA representative had contacted me and ran through my details to close the account.

I was lucky, in total £1,300 of transactions were pending. These are now being refunded. I spoke to Jane Lane who was excellent.

In an age where digital transactions are becoming more common place and the income divide ever more apparent; the desperate, sadistic ways of making money becomes (seemingly) all the more easier. My visit from today's modern age pickpocket is a reminder that if you do have cards, get them protected.


Anonymous said...

Thats great service! I like a bit of technology - that which makes life better or easier - but its great to know that at the end of the day its a Human Being who is quickly assisting you and giving you their reassurance of what they've done and can do for you. :)

Walk Talk Tours said...

Hi Andy,

I found your blog via BlogCatalog.

Great work on the part of MBNA. Any company is only as good as the people who work for it/run it. Prompt effective human action in practice.


Woody said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments! Definitely great service!