Gerard Vroomen at Cervelo bikes

Cervelo are one of my favourite bike manufacturers, if I had the money they would be the bike of my choice. I like the grass roots, "hand built" personality of the brand, their marketing really gets across how they put heart and soul into every product. Results show this too, their bikes for years have been at the forefront of professional cycling, particulary Time Trialling.

I like their good product development, understanding the need and audience while being sympathetic to design. Their bikes look beautiful.

So when Cervelo announced the retirement of their professional cycling team a couple months ago it was a disappointment. Over 2 years they had achieved so much, from newbies on the block to serious contender, not least getting Thor Hushvod into the World Champion and Tour de France green jerseys!!

Lack of funding was to blame and the team was effectively taken over by Garmin.

I came across this blog from Cervelo owner Gerard Vroomen about the demise of his team. I think this is a great example of their commitment and passion to cycling. I feel sorry for him but hopefully Cervelo will come out of the experience stronger and good on them!

MBNA credit card fraud prevention

I've just found out that my credit card details stolen. It is sickening when you find out but fortunately I have been well looked after due to some brilliant service from the guys and girls over at MBNA in Chester.

I first found out that something was wrong after receiving a SMS text message from MBNA which alerted me that £1 had been paid to PayPal. If this was correct I was to text back YES, if not I was to text back NO.

Once I had replied NO, another text message shortly followed letting me know someone would give me a call shortly and to answer any withheld numbers. Literally within one minute a MBNA representative had contacted me and ran through my details to close the account.

I was lucky, in total £1,300 of transactions were pending. These are now being refunded. I spoke to Jane Lane who was excellent.

In an age where digital transactions are becoming more common place and the income divide ever more apparent; the desperate, sadistic ways of making money becomes (seemingly) all the more easier. My visit from today's modern age pickpocket is a reminder that if you do have cards, get them protected.

Couple of nice ads

Spotted a couple of nice ads this week. I love the tongue in cheek approach from Commerzbank, a really nice play on the stereotypical understanding of German organisation while still getting across the serious notion of using a professional bank.

Post It looks at the consequence of not having any Post It notes available, and perhaps a reminder to us all to buy more! I love the ugly piece of paper which is being lost into the colour of the fridge reminding us of the reason why we use Post It.

I thought this POS for Absolut vodka is a very clever way of making a potentially dull bus stop into a really useful tool for increasing both the character of a product and brand recognition.

RIP Leslie Nielsen

Just a quick tribute to the legendary comic actor that is Leslie Nielsen who passed away this week having suffered with pneumonia. Star of the Naked Gun series, I loved his quick wit coupled with fantastic dead pan acting.

One my favourite films of his, like many other people I'm sure, was Airplane! and I found this trailer on You Tube which is just hilarious! I think there was a joke every 10 seconds, be it at the forefront of the dialogue or in the background, the trivia page on IMDb is massive.