Goodyear EfficientGrip Fuel Giveaway

As I approached the M6, J19 roundabout this morning it seemed very busier than usual around the Esso petrol station. A massive Goodyear Blimp was floating above and about 10 people in florescent jackets and placards stood in the middle of the dual carriageway (just like the guy in the picture).

This stunt was all part of a campaign to raise awareness of EfficientGrip, a new tyre developed by Goodyear which reduces the amount of rolling resistance, thus using less energy and saving motorists money on petrol.

It is said that it can save drivers 1 litre of fuel in every tank as well as offering good tyre durability, increased wet weather performance and a quieter ride. I had a set of Goodyear F1 Eagle's on my Golf GTI a year ago following rave reviews from the likes of EVO magazine. I found them to be an uncomfortable ride, the noise was loud and the performance terrible. I switched to Continental Sport Contacts and have found them to be much better.

Not only are Goodyear offering £20 free fuel but will award a £10 fuel voucher for each tyre when fitted!

It is a great, high visibility campaign. There was a huge queue this morning outside Esso petrol station and for those receiving the free fuel I'm sure they will remember the brand!

Goodyear aren't the only ones to have tried this stunt, other attempts include Electronic Arts which played on fuel being used as currency in Venezuela for their new computer game Mercenaries 2 and Hyundai also offered a free fuel top in the US to promote their new fuel efficient models.

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